Slow and Steady Wins the Race

It dawned on me recently that there is an easier way to handle the pressure of weeknight dinners. Slow cooking! Put the dinner on before you leave the house in the morning and come home to delicious smells and a piping hot meal. Yesssss! So I did the research – the Which? website is great […]

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A Weekend Feast.

There’s nothing more life affirming than having a gang of friends over for a slap-up all-afternoon weekend lunch. It’s so sociable and fun, especially when you’re lucky with the weather which is always a bit of a lottery if you live in Ireland! Throwing a lunch party is so much less pressure than a dinner […]

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Eat well, live longer!

The clear message from a new study covered in today’s Guardian is EAT MORE VEG! “Eating at least seven portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day was linked to a 42% lower risk of death from all causes. It was also associated with a 25% lower risk of cancer and 31% lower risk of […]

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Taking Stock.

I’m by no means a food crank – not nearly enough time on my hands for that! But I do have these occasional frugal epiphany moments of self loathing where I look at the contents of my fridge and cupboards with horror. All that packaging! Our recycling bin is usually much fuller than our waste […]

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