Sup, sup and away!

I’m a great fan of soup. Not only because it’s so easy, delicious and portable, but also because of the pure comfort factor – without the glycemic high you’d get from starchy “dry” carbs (bread, baked potato, rice etc). Our bodies are 60 percent water so it makes sense to sip right? Strictly speaking this […]

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Have your cake and eat it.

It’s really very hard to resist the allure of a tray of scones or muffins straight out of the oven. I have usually scoffed at least one while they’re still almost too hot to hold. Like Oscar Wilde “I can resist anything except temptation” which is why I restrict baking of sweet things to maybe […]

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Let them eat carrot cake.

The kids had been nagging me for days about doing some baking with them, so buoyed up by the effects of a very strong cup of coffee this morning I decided to have a go at carrot cake. Having done the “cooking with kids” thing many times before I lined up all the ingredients before […]

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Monday night blues

Oh how I envy the carefree young, not to mention the carefree middle aged (who were organised or reckless enough to have their kids young). For the rest of us it feels like life is a continuous succession of work, homework, social obligations and other assorted responsibilities. We are the “sandwich generation” – with kids, […]

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A nice nap before dinner.

I would happily have a snooze every single afternoon, so by the end of the working week I am almost delirious with nap deprivation. So the afternoon siesta at weekends is therefore a crucial component of the process of getting dinner on the table. My family are well aware of this, and also know that […]

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