Something Fishy

En papillote… Meaning simply “in a parcel”, is such an easy way to cook fish and keep all the flavour in. There’s something quite tantalising about having your own personal parcel on your plate!

I used pollock (now strangely called “blossom” in the fishmongers, bizarre how they feel the need to re-brand a species!) but any fish will do, as this is such a versatile way of cooking. I did a simple marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, grated garlic and ginger, and a little salt. Rubbed this into the fish on both sides and popped on a slice of tomato and a slice of lemon. Then wrapped each fillet in greaseproof paper leaving a little “breathing room” for the steam to circulate, and baked for 20 minutes. Served with sweet potato wedges and spinach. Healthy, simple, delicious.

Tip: If you’re in a hurry use a Thai curry paste as your “rub” and you can throw in any finely sliced veg such as courgette, green beans, carrot etc… whatever you have handy!



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