Cooking solo: Part One

Store cupboard Heroes


Cooking solo can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re fairly new to cooking generally. The trick is to keep stocked up on good quality basics and you’ll always have a store-cupboard meal on standby, even when your fridge is completely empty. You’ll save a fortune on take-aways and deli counters.

Here’s the shopping list, and I’ll post some quick recipe ideas in my next post.

Store cupboard list:
Wholemeal pasta
Brown rice
Tinned beans (chick peas, kidney, butter beans, cannellini) and/or lentils
Tinned tuna
Tinned tomatoes and/or jars of good quality pasta sauce
Olive oil (Virgin for salads, normal for cooking)
Sea salt and black pepper
Soy sauce
Tabasco (or chilli powder)
Stock cubes
Good quality curry powder or garam masala

If you’re a fan of Asian food add dry noodles and coconut milk to your shopping list.

That’s it, recipes for one to follow later!


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