Monday night blues


Oh how I envy the carefree young, not to mention the carefree middle aged (who were organised or reckless enough to have their kids young). For the rest of us it feels like life is a continuous succession of work, homework, social obligations and other assorted responsibilities. We are the “sandwich generation” – with kids, partners and parents to care for and precious little time for ourselves.

Yep, it’s definitely a case of the Monday night blues although technically it’s a Bank Holiday Tuesday. Anyway on evenings like this cooking is most definitely a chore, and it’s impossible to be original or start from scratch. The only way to make it endurable is to have a cold bit of this or that that can be re-heated and embellished with something else. Thankfully I went overboard yesterday and cooked a turkey which makes for the most delicious left-overs. Accompanied by brown rice with broccoli florets thrown in at the last minute, and roasted veg (aubergines and field mushrooms) and hey presto we have a very respectable meal. And when I think about it it’s funny how I instinctively put these ingredients together given my state of despondency…

Mushrooms are full of blues-busting B vitamins, magnesium and other good stuff while Turkey is chock-a-block full of feel-good tryptophan and selenium, and superfood Broccoli is packed with cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

So if I don’t feel better after this dinner washed down by a glass of decent red wine then there really is no hope for me.


*Irish for Cheers / Good Health

20140424-222443.jpg A fabulous wild mushroom bruschetta I ate recently.


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